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MH Overseas Branch | Congo-Kinshasa Football Match

2024 "Lightning Speed" Cup

Recently, the first "Lightning Speed" Cup soccer team friendly match organized by MH's Congo-Kinshasa office was successfully held at the Kinshasa Stadium. More than 20 players from the office's motorcycle business black team were divided into Team A and Team B to compete.

Fierce competition

The day of the match coincided with a rare cloudy day, with pleasant temperatures and a gentle breeze, allowing the athletes to sweat more freely and engage in competition. From the beginning, Team A relied on excellent teamwork, finding gaps through a series of long passes and movements to break through Team B's goal. Fortunately, Team B did not become disorganized; they quickly stabilized their defense and did not give their opponents any further opportunities in the first half. By halftime, the score remained 1:0.

As the game moved into the second half, the energy levels of players from both teams were seemingly unaffected, instead, they launched into more bold and effective attacks against each other. Players in red and blue jerseys intertwined, each side gaining ground, displaying relentless vitality and flamboyance on African soil. Ultimately, Team A maintained their advantage till the end, securing a 3:2 victory in the match.

Perfect Ending

The hosting of this competition has, on one hand, enhanced the team collaboration and cohesion among our local sales staff, infusing them with a spirit of striving to be the best through the intense sport of soccer; on the other hand, it has shifted everyone's focus from the crowded market to the vast sports fields and sky, using sports to relieve work pressure and create space for new ideas. Congratulations once again on the successful completion of the competition. We hope this brilliant touch from the DRC can bring vitality to Mengheng people around the world.