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Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd is a Leading company that specialized in embroidery lace. Up to the end of 2006, we have more than 40 sets of shuttle embroidery machines and 600 sets of advanced multi-head embroidery machines.

Our main products including Cotton Lace, Chemical Lace, Organza Lace, Net lace, Solid Embroidery, laser embroidery lace, Beaded/sequins Lace and so on, both including lace fabric and lace trimmings. Our products are very popular in many countries, like China, USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and so on.

MH lace factory advantage:

MH provides not only lace products but 360°customized embroidery Lace.


A) Inspiration ︳Lace pattern Cloud library intelligent search
15 years of big data, 52 lace categories, 200,000 + lace pattern cloud library, providing designers with endless fashion inspiration.
B) New product development ︳Fashion lace customization
100+ people R&D team, 17 sample production lines, 100 new design and samples each month, 6 new product development modes, help customized lace fashion development easier
C) Copyright protection ︳Original + copyright protection systerm
19 new product patents, 100+ pattern copyright every month, "original + copyright protection", exclusive right for each customer, making fashion going to global market easily.

Quick wisdom industry chain, the delivery time limit must be achieved.



A) Rapid design
More than 100 senior designers, drawing and plate making engineers, have made fashion inspiration becomes reality fast.
B) Quick sampling
17 professional sample production line, let "drawing" to "lace cloth" in the first time.
C) Rapid production
7 big factories with production capacity 30 million M/year, a whole industry chain configuration, no need to worry about big orders delivery time.
D) Rapid logistics
with 20000㎡ modern warehouses, and good cooperation with a well-known logistics company, to ensure fast delivery of goods.

Full time On demand: full range of consultancy services, 360 degrees to solve customer concerns



A) Fast service
100 person consultant team, 1 to 1 customers’ service, to let customers feel relieved and convenient is our service objective.
B) Quality Assured
18 standardized product inspection processes, zero defect management system, strictly QC, the quality is the first important.
C) Delivery time Assured
4 lean production management system, the whole process of order production visual management, so customers no need to worry about delivery time.
D) After-sales worry free:
7 big after-sales worry free policy; effectively meet customer needs in all aspects, so that customers feel safe and convenient.


Finished product

Lace Finished product


Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Machine

Lace Machine

Inspection Equipment

Lace Machine

Sample Making Machine

Crochet Lace Machine

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Show Room

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