Trioct Lace Fabric, Nylon Lace Fabric, Nylon Fabric

Nylon Lace Fabric (Tricot Lace Fabric)

Made from nylon and spandex, the nylon lace fabric is stretchy, soft and drapes nicely

The width, weight, design can be customized

Perfect for sewing skirts, lingerie, dresses, top and other accessories.

We provide comprehensive and fashionable range of products with high quality at reasonable price. Such as customized embroidered lace fabric, corded wedding lace fabric, beaded & sequins lace fabric, african swiss lace, embroidered mesh lace fabric, crochet lace fabric etc.

Model CAH-002
Width 120cm
Material Nylon, Cotton
Model CAH-008
Width 120cm
Material Nylon, Cotton
Model CAH-009
Width 120cm
Material Spandex+cotton
Model JT50377
Width 86cm
Material Nylon + cotton
Model CAH-001
Width 120cm
Material Nylon
Model 6355-0115
Width 145cm
Material Nylon/cotton
Model 6355-0176
Width 150cm
Material Polyester
Model 0541-1486
Width 150cm
Model 0541-1525
Model 6355-0033
Size 155-160cm
Model 6355-0009B
Width 150cm
Material 100% Polyester
Width 150cm
Material Nylon, Cotton
Width 150cm
Material Nylon, Cotton
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