MH Webbing & Tape Factory

MH Webbing & Tape Factories are equipped with seven warping machines, two covering machines, one hundred shuffle and shuffle-less looms, one hundred computer jacquard looms, and one thousand five hundred spindle looms. The factories have a capacity of forty 40'HQ for all kinds of tapes every month, mainly in braided elastic tape, woven elastic tape, knitted elastic tape, curtain tape, PP webbing, mattress tape, zig-zag, bias binding tape, cutting tape, and other trimming tapes.

Webbing Factory Video

  • Warping machine

    Warping Machine

  • Covering machine

    Covering Machine

  • Shuttle Loom

    Shuttle Loom

  • Knitting Loom

    Knitting Loom

  • Spinning Machine

    Spinning Machine

Bias Tape Factory

The Bias Tape Workshop employs 64 workers and occupies 8400m2 of workshop space. It is equipped with 1 spreader, 4 sets of ultrasonic machines, 2 band-cutter sewing machines, 4 bias cutting machines, 4 cutting machines, 15 sets of fusing machines, 25 flat sewing machines, and 15 cotton bias tape winders. The workshop is capable of producing various types of bias binding tape, including satin polyester bias binding tape, cotton bias binding tape, T/C bias binding tape, metallic bias binding tape, leather bias binding tape, and bias piping cord.

Bias Tape Factory Video

  • Rolling Machine

    Rolling Machine

  • Fusing Machine

    Fusing Machine

  • Ironing Machine

    Ironing Machine

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