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1.1/2" Single Face Satin Ribbon for Handmade Rose

  • Material: 100% Polyester, 100% Nylon

    Width: 1/8" to 4"

    Style: Single Face, Double Face

    Capacity: 20x20ft Container monthly

  • satin ribbon color card

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Crafted from the finest 100% polyester, our Single-Faced Satin Ribbon is the epitome of elegance and versatility. With a generous width of 1 1/2 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between prominence and delicacy, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of decorative purposes.

Available in an array of convenient lengths, you can choose from rolls of 25 yards for smaller projects or opt for the 50-yard rolls for more extensive decorating needs. This flexibility ensures that you have just the right amount of ribbon at your fingertips, reducing waste and ensuring value for money.

Designed with gift-giving in mind, this ribbon is the ultimate accessory for enhancing the presentation of your gift boxes. When paired with beautiful gift paper, it adds an extra layer of sophistication and charm, turning any present into a memorable keepsake. The lustrous sheen of the satin finish catches the light beautifully, making your gifts stand out.

But the possibilities don't end with gift wrapping. These single-faced polyester ribbons serve a versatile purpose, seamlessly integrating into your home decor projects, from creating custom curtain ties to adding a decorative touch to throw pillows. They are also perfect for crafting personalized gift packaging or adding a refined finish to chocolate boxes, making every occasion special.

Embrace the versatility and elegance of our Single-Faced Satin Ribbon and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whether for personal use or professional applications, this ribbon is sure to elevate your projects to new heights of beauty and style.

Widths Available
Inches Millimeters Inches Millimeters
1/16" 2.0mm 7/8" 22.2mm
1/8" 3.2mm 1" 25.4mm
3/16" 5.0mm 1-1/4" 31.8mm
1/4" 6.5mm 1-1/2" 38.1mm
3/8" 9.5mm 2" 50.8mm
1/2" 12.7mm 2-1/2" 63.5mm
5/8" 15.9mm 3" 76.2mm
3/4" 19.1mm 4" 100mm

Width: 1/8" to 4"

satin ribbon width

Color Card: 192 colors, buyer's colors are acceptable

satin ribbon color card



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