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#5 Closed End Nylon Zippers


Closed End Nylon Zippers

Size: #5

Zipper Type: Closed End

Slider Type: Auto Lock

MOQ: 2,000yds

Packing: 100pcs/polybag, 50polybags/ctn

Nylon Zippers Complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Nylon Zippers Oeko-Tex Standard 100

zipper color card

◆ Lead Time: 25-35 days

◆ Samples: Free for normal samples

◆ Customization: Customized logo, Customized packaging

◆ Shipping: Sea freight, Railway freight, Air freight

◆ Payment: T/T, L/C ...

Zipper Factory

Plant Area
$30 million
Annual Sales Amount
600 tons
Long Chain
Month Production
63 million pcs
Finished Zipper
Month Production

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Customization Services

Color Customization

zipper color card

Zipper Length Customization

Zipper Length Customization

Zipper Size Customization

Zipper Size Customization

Zipper Teeth Color Customization

Zipper Teeth Color Customization

Slider Style Customization

Slider Style Customization

The Durability of Nylon Zippers

When considering purchasing nylon zippers, it's imperative to focus on their resilience and longevity. Nylon zippers are known for their excellent tensile strength, making them a preferable choice for a range of products from outdoor gear to everyday apparel. The superiority of nylon coil zippers lies in their flexibility, which enables them to withstand thousands of zipping cycles without loss of function or appearance. Their durability is a critical aspect for consumers who require reliable closures in their garments and accessories.

The Versatility of Nylon Coil Zippers

The adaptability of nylon zippers cannot be overstated. Their design allows them to be used in a curve, making them ideal for diverse applications such as luggage, backpacks, and even performance wear. This type of zipper integrates smoothly into the fabric, creating a seamless look and feel. For potential buyers, the versatility of nylon zippers provides assurance that one product can suit an array of uses, from heavy-duty requirements to fashion purposes.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Nylon zippers offer unparalleled ease of use due to their self-lubricating nature. The coil design helps these zippers to slide smoothly along their tracks without catching or separating. This quality makes them user-friendly and eliminates the need for frequent replacements or repairs. When decision-makers consider the purchase of nylon coil zippers, the functionality factor is a significant aspect that promises a hassle-free experience for the end-user.

Zipper size Classification
Close end Open end 2 way close end 2 way open end Zipper Chain
Recommended Use of Nylon Zippers
Application Type
3#,4# 5# 7#,8# 10#
Women's underwear, pant, skirts and trousers      
Trousers, children's clothing    
Female chest shirt, casual wear    
Uniforms, training suits, jeans    
Hat, glove, luggage inner bag    
Purse, luggage out bag, shoes, jackets      
Ski jackets, down jacket    
Duffle coat, leather coat    
Sleeping bag    
Camping tent  
Shoes & Boots    
Armament cover    
Canopy (ship), the big tent      
Canopy and framed tent      

MH Zipper Feature

  • Strong teeth
  • Good zipper smoothly
  • Color fastness can be 4 Grade
  • Complete variety of zipper
  • Eco-friendly, azo-free dyeing
  • OEKO certificate

Other Zipper Products

We offer an extensive range of zipper solutions, including nylon coil zippers, metal zippers, plastic zippers, waterproof zippers, invisible zippers, zipper long chains, as well as zipper sliders and pullers. Our products come in various sizes and lengths, catering to the diverse requirements of all our customers.


MH Zippers Complies with OEKO-TEX 100

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