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Ningbo MH is one of the biggest manufacturer and trading company in China, established in 1999, and specialized in garment accessories and fabrics. At present, MH owns nine factories located in 3 industry zones, with a 382,000m2 plant area and 1900 workers.

Ningbo MH has exported to Morocco and its surrounding areas, like Tunis and Libya, for more than 20 years. Currently, Our garment and accessories products market share in Morocco is more than 50%.

MH main products include thread, zipper, lace, tape, ribbon, button, tailoring materials, sewing machine parts, and fabric, especially TC fabric, taffeta, and velvet fabric.


MH gain customer’s trust because the products of MH® are manufactured with guaranteed quality, and MH brands are well-known in Morocco, including MH, Two Birds, Krowntex and Royal Flowers.

Welcome to visit our local office located in Casablanca, MH local staff are right here to service for you!