Polyester Filament Embroidery Thread

Polyester Embroidery Thread

100% polyester embroidery thread is made of polyester FED yarn,dyed with disperse dyes on 125-135ºC degree,has excellent color fastness and good abrasion resistance.

Material: Polyester filament
Count: 75d/2, 108d/2, 120d/2, 150d/2, 300d/2, 300d/3, 300d/1,etc
Packing: 1800yds and 5000yds,or 0.5kg to 1kg/big cone
MOQ: 1 ton
Color: Over 1700 different colors,also buyer's colors are acceptable.
Capacity: 10000 tons/year
Usage: Due to high intensity, it’s widely used in washed fabric, apparel, leather, jacquard and different kinds of crafts and decorations
Certificate: ISO9001, Oeko-Tex
Description: Adopting highest quality of polyester filament as raw material, MH polyester embroidery thread is featured with shiny luster, high strength and excellent colorfastness. It is suitable for high speed embroidery and most kinds of textiles

Polyester embroidery thread is characterized by its ability to withstand chemicals and often wash clothes, reducing clothing fading and discoloration. Therefore, many hotel uniforms, as well as some stone-brushed blue jeans, sportswear or some children's clothing, are made of polyester yarn. . In general, polyester threads are tougher and stronger than rayon embroidery threads.

When the machine is embroidered, the polyester thread can withstand the higher pulling force of the embroidery machine, which can make the machine run faster; and its fire resistance is very high, even if the polyester is close to the flame, it is not easy to catch fire.

100% polyester embroidery threads

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Polyester Embroidery Threads usage

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