Polyester Satin Bias Tape, Poly/Cotton Bias Binding, Bias Piping Cord

Bias Tape

Bias tape is strips of fabric that have been cut on the bias of the fabric. Packaged bias tape may be purchased in various widths, in single fold and double fold forms. The width of the bias tape is a variable and is a variable if you are cutting your own bias tape.

Where to Use Bias Tape

Bias tape can be used on almost any raw edge of the fabric to enclose the raw edge. It is perfect for a decorative finish on a curved edge because the bias will bend and ease around the curve. It is used in many quilting techniques and sewing projects.

Why Use Bias Tape

Bias tape will "bend" to a curved edge that a straight-grain strip will not curve without kinks and warping. On quilts and other projects, it is a way to enclose the raw edge of layers of fabric with matching or contrasting fabric.

Products: Satin Polyester Bias Binding, Cotton Bias Binding, Bias Cord, T/C Bias Binding, Metallic Bias Binding, Leather Bias Binding, Elastic Bias, Scotch Bias Binding, Reflective Bias Binding, Multi-color Bias Tape, etc.

Cord and Ordinary

  • Cord: polyester cord, cotton cord, leather cord, reflective cord.
  • Ordinary: polyester, cotton, leather, etc.
  • Material: 100% polyester, 100% cotton, polycotton
  • Width: 3/8", 5/8", 3/4", 1" and 1.1/2", also special sizes are available.
  • Capacity: 50 million meters monthly
  • Colors: We have color card with 400 different colors, also customers' colors are acceptable.
  • Packing: card (5m, 25y, etc.), bobbin (72y, 144y, etc), roll (23y, 27y, 29y, etc.). As per customers' request.
  • Feature: Color accent for home and apparel. No ironing needed. Colorfast.
  • Bias binding is available in various styles and widths, straight cut, flat bias, folded, bias piping.
  • Application: Perfect for making bunting, piping, binding seams, finish on a curved edge, neckline, armholes facing, trimming table cloths, peg bags, aprons, and other many quilting techniques and sewing projects.

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Composition100% Polyester
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