Polyester Jeans Sewing Thread

20S/2 2000yds 100% Polyester Sewing Thread

Material 100% Polyester
Count 20S/2
Length 2000yds, 2500yds, 5000yds
Packing 12pcs/box, 10boxes/carton
Color As MH color chart or customers' request
MOQ 1 Ton
Delivery time 35days
Port Ningbo

Sewing threads are special kinds of yarns that are engineered and designed to pass through a sewing machine rapidly.

They form efficient stitches without breaking or becoming distorted during the useful life of the product.

The basic function of a thread is to deliver aesthetics and performance in stitches and seams.

Basics of thread construction All conventional sewing threads begin their production cycle as simple yarns.

These basic yarns are produced by twisting together relatively short fibers or fine continuous filaments.

We have many kinds of thread and yarn for years like core spun sewing thread, embroidery thread, metallic yarn, acrylic yarn, and so on.

Polyester sewing thread is a kind of very common sewing thread.

It is of high-tenacity, low elongation full- color, high color grade, no skipped stitches.

The brand what we do are "MH", "TWO BIRDS", customers logo also welcomed

Industrial sewing thread has high-quality requirements in strength, knot, and low hairiness. we choose the different thickness of sewing thread according to the thickness of the garments and textile goods.

Outstanding Features: excellent colorfastness to washing, light, acid, and chlorine; high fungus resistance and mothproof, etc.

Eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Main Specification: 40S/2, 40S/3, 50S/2, 30S/2, 30S/3, 20S/2, 20S/3, etc.

This 20s/2 polyester sewing thread great for thick garments like jeans, thick winter clothing.

Our products include various kinds of threads, like spun polyester sewing thread, corespun polyester sewing thread, eco-friendly recycled polyester sewing thread, waterproof sewing thread, anti-UV sewing thread, cotton sewing thread, nylon bonded thread, embroidery thread, polyester textured yarn, metallic yarn, fishing twine, etc. available in different sizes and specifications to meet all customers' needs.

MH thread

Polyester Thread Color Card: Over 800 different colors available

Color Cards are made with actual thread samples so you have a perfect color match to choose the desired thread.

polyester sewing threads Color Card
polyester sewing threads Color Card
polyester sewing threads Color Card
polyester sewing threads Color Card

Packing: 12cones/box, 10boxes/carton

polyester sewing threads Packing
polyester sewing threads Packing
polyester sewing threads Packing
polyester sewing threads Packing


20S/2~30S/3 mostly used for thick garments like jeans, thick winter clothing.
30S/2, 40S/2, 50S/3, 60S/3 mostly used for garments and home textiles, like shirts, blouses, Jackets, children's apparel, dresses, underwear, sports, bed covering, curtain, etc.
50S/2, 60S/2 used for light knitted wear, like T-shirt, silk garment, handkerchief, etc.

shirt sewing thread
leather sewing thread
suit sewing thread


MH has certificates of ISO 9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO18001:2007 and OEKO-TEX standard 100 Annex 6 Class 1

polyester sewing threads certificate
polyester sewing threads certificate
polyester sewing threads certificate
polyester sewing threads certificate

Factory Tour:

MH has three industry zones for thread factories, with 220,000m2 plant area and 1100 workers, equipped with high-standard machines and strict manufacturing management system
With annual producing capacity 30000+ tons, that means about 2000x40'HQ per year.

sewing thread factory
sewing thread factory
sewing thread factory

Automatic Dispensing System: Low chromatic aberration, high level of color fastness

Automatic Dispensing System

Dyeing and Drying: During dyeing and drying process, we not only care about color matching and color fastness, also we care about dyed yarn spindle shape which will effect thread rewinding quality. As the suitable yarn spindle shape will reduce the breakage rate during rewinding.

Sewing thread dyeing
Sewing thread dyeing

Sewage Treatment Center: Green manufacturing, the advanced sewage treatment center and water recycling system are committed to acting in energy saving, environmental protection.

Sewage Treatment Center

SSM TK2-20CT High-speed Precision Winding Machines: Not only ensure the thread cone in good shape with suitable tension, and has no deformation during transportation, but also has an excellent performance in length and oil uniformity.

MH sewing thread winding machine

Automatic Packaging Machine: it keeps the sewing thread in nice and neat shape, and the sticker will be exactly in the same place without slanting

MH sewing thread packaging machine

About Ningbo MH

Ningbo MH was established in 1999, specialized in garment accessories and tailoring materials.
At present, MH owns nine factories located in 3 industry zones, with 382,000m2 plant area and 1900 workers, producing polyester sewing thread, embroidery thread, lace and embroidery, ribbon & tape.
MH also set up long-term cooperation with 1500 manufacturers for 10000 different kinds of tailor's material and fabric.

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