Resin Zipper, Skull Teeth Zipper, Jacket Zipper

#5 Skull Teeth Open Ended Resin Zipper

Size 5#
  • Auto Lock
  • Open End

Teeth size: #5
Zipper type: Open end, auto lock
Teeth shape: Skull
Length: 60cm
A lots of different teeth shape is offered for customers to choose, for example: circle teeth, heartshaped teeth, the great wall teeth etc.
This item caters to the young generation who are unconventional and uninhibited, with the spirit of exploration and adventure.
The plastic teeth zipper can be used for clothes, bags and shoes.The teeth color, tape color and length can be customized by the customers.

Zipper size Classification
Close end Open end 2 way close end 2 way open end Chain

Color Card

zipper color card
zipper color card
zipper color card
zipper color card
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