100% Cotton Lace, Cotton Embroidery Lace Trimming, Cotton Lace

Cotton Lace Trimming

Made from 100% cotton Width: 1" - 10" Eyelet circles lace trims to your lovely home apparels like curtain border, bed linens and table cloth edge, embellishing fashion garments, accessories, invitations, decorating and home wares. MH Lace is the embroidery lace manufacturer in China for 20 years, we can do custom cotton eyelet lace trim, guipure lace, poly cotton lace trim, metallic lace trim, organza tulle lace trim, stretch lace ribbon, cotton crochet lace and lace motifs.
Model 0573-3141
Model 6323-0037
Width 6.6cm
Model 0573-2400
Model 6322-0105
Width 5.0cm
Model 0573-2399
Model 6322-0104
Width 4.4cm
Model 0573-2398
Model 6322-0103
Width 4.2cm
Model 0573-2397
Model 6323-0022
Width 5.1cm
Model 0573-2396
Model 6322-0200
Width 5.0cm
Model 0573-2395
Model 6322-0102
Width 5.0cm
Model 0573-2394
Model 6323-0020
Width 6.4cm
Model 0573-1484
Model 6321-0051
Width 2.0cm
Model 0573-1483
Model 6321-0050
Width 2.5cm
Model 0573-1482
Width 2.2cm
Model 0573-1481
Model 6321-0048
Width 2.2cm
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