#5 Skull Teeth Open Ended Resin Zipper


Teeth size: #5

Zipper type: Open end, auto lock

Teeth shape: Skull

Length: 60cm

Feature: A lots of different teeth shapes are available, for example: circle teeth, heartshaped teeth, the great wall teeth etc.

This item caters to the young generation who are unconventional and uninhibited, with the spirit of exploration and adventure.

Application: The plastic teeth zipper can be used for clothes, bags and shoes.The teeth color, tape color and length can be customized by the customers.

Teeth Color

Teeth Type

plastic zipper teeth

Zipper teeth shape
Zipper teeth shape
Zipper teeth shape

Color Card

Mh zipper color card

About MH

Ningbo MH was established in 1999, specialized in garment accessories and tailoring materials.
At present, MH owns nine factories located in 3 industry zones, with 382,000m2 plant area and 1900 workers, producing polyester sewing thread, embroidery thread, lace and embroidery, ribbon tape.
MH also set up long-term cooperation with 1500 manufacturers for 10000 different kinds of tailor's material and fabric.


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