Texture Yarn / Overlock Thread

Polyester texture yarn,Polyester overlock Thread,Polyester High-spring Thread,Nylon High-spring Thread

Texture Yarn / Overlock Thread

Polyester texture yarn

Made of 100% polyester continuous filament textured thread. The textured filaments give the thread a soft feel and make it ideal for use in the loopers of overlocking, serging and cover seaming to provide softness and comfort, especially in "next-to-skin" seams.

Product features

  • Excellent Seam Coverage 
  • Good Elastic Property
  •  Extensive Colour Range 
  • High Productivity 
  • Chemical Resistance 
  • Economical

Main Uses

  • For comfort in all next-to-skin garments
  • Sportswear and leisurewear
  • Underwear and lingerie
  • Babywear
  • Household textiles

Polyester overlock Thread

Polyester overlock Thread

0213-01, 150D/1, 450g/cone
0213-150D/1,500g/pine-apple cone,9"
0213-04,150D/1,250g/pine-apple cone
0213-05,300D/1,300g/pine-apple cone
0213-06,300D/1,1kg/plastic cone

Polyester High-spring Thread and Nylon High-spring Thread

Polyester High-spring Thread

0213-14,100D/1 36F,500g/cone

Nylon High-spring Thread

0213-10,100D/2,400g/pine-apple cone

Color Card

Color cards are made with actual thread samples so you have a perfect color match to choose the desired thread.

Texture Yarn / Overlock Thread Color Card


Texture Yarn / Overlock Thread use

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