PP Coated PE Laminated Nonwoven Fabric

PE Laminated Nonwoven Fabric

Width 160cm
Weight 30gsm-220gsm
Composition PP fabric+PE film

Material: PP fabric+PE film

Maxim Width: 160cm

Weight: 30gsm-220gsm

Loading Port: Ningbo, Shanghai

PE laminated non woven fabric which is a bonded and laminated fabrics is produced by using melt PE raw material spraying uniformly on the surface of pp spunbond fabric, after cooling and pressing, finally, one new type of composite non woven fabric is formed.

PE coating nonwoven fabric's breaking strength, surface moisture resistance, water resistance, filtration efficiency, anti-synthetic blood penetration are in the technical requirements for disposable protective clothing.

This PE laminated nonwoven fabric is mostly used for medical and hygiene cloth such as surgical gown, isolation gown, disposable protective clothing, etc.

We can supply all face mask accessories and isolation gown materials as:

PP spunbond nonwoven fabric, SMS nonwoven fabric, melt-blown nonwoven, nose bridge strip, exhalation valve replacement, braided elastic, elastic band, etc.

Face Mask material
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