High Tenacity Sewing Threads

High Tenacity 100% Polyester Filament Sewing Thread and 100% Nylon Bonded Thread

High Tenacity Sewing Threads

100% polyester high tenacity sewing thread

MH 100% polyester high tenacity sewing thread is a lubricated polyester thread made from high tenacity continuous filament polyester, the soft finish with superior low friction lubrication reduces the effects of needle heat and abrasion, it provides excellent chemical and mold / mildew resistance, and excellent seam durability, good abrasion resistance and consistent sewing performance on automatic sewing machines.

High tenacity sewing thread including:100% polyester high tenacity thread,nylon high tenacity thread,100% nylon bond thread.

Suitable Applications

Polyester high tenacity threadNylon high tenacity threadNylon bond thread
Formal tailoringleather goodsleather goods
footwearsuitcase & bagsuitcase & bag
leather goodssports goodssports goods
bedding/mattressoutdoor goodsoutdoor goods
blind stitchingupholsteryindoor soft decoration
upholstery/automotive chair
industrial products/airbag

1.recommended needle size is just for reference,user should adjust according to sewing material and usage.
2.technical information listed above is based on current average and should be taken only as indication before the final usage.

Washing color fastness

Temperature(ºC)Time(min.) ECE detergent(g/l)Liquor volume(ml) Sodium perborate(g/l)Steel balls Colour change/Staining
50304150125Grade 4

Spec: 75D/2, 100D/2, 100D/3, 120D/2, 120D/3, 150D/, 210D/, etc.

Packing: 1000yds to 20000yds/cone, or 0.5kg to 2.0kg/cone

Finish: Soft or Bonded.

Features: gentle luster/excellent seam strength & appearance/high productivity/extensive color range/high chemical resistance

Main Uses: Filtration, Air-bags, Seat belts, Automotive interiors, Suitcases, Leather footwear, Outdoor goods and sports equipment, Lift slings, Leather goods, Multineedle quilting, Mattresses

Filament threads are stronger than spun threads of the same fiber and size.

Polyester filament sewing thread is made from continuous filament high tenacity lubricated polyester sewing thread.

polyester high tenacity thread

Color Card

Color cards are made with actual thread samples so you have a perfect color match to choose the desired thread.

High Tenacity Sewing Threads Color Card


High Tenacity Sewing Threads Use

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