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Nylon Zippers

Nylon Zippers

MH Zippers mainly connects you and us. We are dealing with all kinds of zippers like nylon zipper, resin zipper, metal zipper and thousands of different sliders. The annual turnover is more than $10 million. Zipper Magazine is available for customers' reference.
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Zipper type: Open-end, Close-end, Two-ways open end, Two-way close end
Size: #3, #4, #5, #7, #8, #10
Material: polyester tape + nylon teeth
Zipper slider: Auto Lock, Non Lock, Pin Lock, semi-auto lock and other decorated pulls
Length: As customer’s demands.
The teeth of nylon coil zippers are extruded plastic, sewn onto the zipper tape.
Coil zipper - also known as nylon coil zipper - is a type of zipper which teeth/elements are made from coiled monofilament that is traditionally nylon.
Nylon zippers are highly flexible and are available in a wide range of sizes and color.
They are the most common type of zippers and are lightweight, heat resistant, and rustproof.
Coil zippers is the main attribute for their huge number of applications in daily fashion wear, canvas goods, and bags.
These types of zippers are also the top choice for the outdoor and luggage industries, most commonly found in tents, suitcases, backpacks, and other camping apparels..

Zipper sizeClassification
Close endOpen end2 way close end2 way open endChain

Technical Instruction of Nylon Zipper

≥ Breaking strength crosswise of chain380400600650800900
≤ Tab pull-off strength 455777
≥ Holding strength of top stop507090110115130
≥ Holding strength of bottom stop405080100110120
≥ Single top stop strength5060707090120
≥ O/E chain crosswise strength7080100120120160
≥ Box slippage strength7080100130140160
≥ Pin slippage strength606590100110120
≥ Slider puller pull-off strength90120200250270300
≥ Resistance to twist of puller and slider0.20.30.450.50.91.2
≥ Slider mouth deflection strength4358608090100
≥ Holding strength of slider lock203035506070
≥ Durability of zipper 600

Recommend Application of Nylon Zippers

Main uses and sizeSize
Female underwear, pant and skirts trousers   
Trousers, children's clothing  
Female chest shirt, casual wear  
Uniforms, training suits, jeans  
Hat, glove, luggage inner bag  
Purse, luggage out bag, shoes, jacket   
Ski jacket, down jacket  
Duffle coat, leather coat  
Camping tent 
Shoes & boots  
Armament cover  
Canopy (ship), the big tent   
Canopy and framed tent   

Teeth Color

Nylon Zipper Teeth Color

Color Card

Nylon Zipper Color Card


nylon zipper for sportwear, bag, shoes

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