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Sofa Decorative Accessories

sofa accessories

Product Overview

Select the perfect upholstery fabric for your sofa, couch and other furniture at MH. We offer you an extensive collection of high-quality fabric from top brands. MH is your one-stop destination for all your home decor, PVC Leather, Sofa Tape, Sofa Nails, and other Hardware needs.

Sofá de Tela al por mayor

Sofa Fabric Types 

  1. Cotton Sofa: Is breathable and comfortable, naturally close to the skin, and has various styles and patterns.
  2. Linen Sofa: Have better air permeability, heat conduction and wear resistance and linen materials are not easy to wrinkle, and they are easy to clean.
  3. Flannel: Such as velvet, corduroy, velvet, etc. Is very smooth and delicate.
  4. Leather Sofa: Durable and high-grade

sofa accessories