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Button Wholesale

Colorful Eyelet Wholesale

Plastic Cord Stoppers

  • Simple idea to tighten drawstrings on bags and jackets, easy to attach; fits a variety of different laces and lace types
  • Perfect for shock cord, bungee cord, thinner cords, pull cords, wet cords, shoelaces, backpacks, sportswear, trending, and other uses
  • Firm grip with spring design. They are spring loaded and ensure your cable is tight and secure
  • Durable material: made of high quality plastic, not easy to break and rust, can be used for a long time

Eyelet Grommets 

  • Eyelets are often used to finish off the opening for a drawstring casing. A buttonhole will serve the same purpose, but an eyelet can be a professional looking detail. Eyelets can also be used for lacing on various parts of a garments or even be purely decorative.
  • More Than 800+ Colors availables for personal customization!
Zipper Manufacturers

Metal Button Classification

Material Iron, Copper, Stainless Steel, Zinc, Aluminum, Zinc Alloys
Production Process Metal Stamping, Zinc Alloy Die Casting
Type Snap buttons, Collar Hooks, Aluminum Buckles, Snap Buttons, Five-Claw Buttons, I-shaped Buttons, Corner Nails, Hakama Hooks, Alloy Stitching Buttons

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