Fabric Wholesale

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  • Cooperate with many factories, Wide range of products.
  • Fast delivery, low MOQ.
  • Professional business communication skills.
  • 50% of customers come from referrals.
  • Transparent pricing, the risk of additional costs is excluded.
  • Prompt and careful delivery.
  • Warranty for all goods.
Production facilities operate around the clock
Wolesale of Knitted Products

Company Profile

  • The Industry and Trade Integrated Company for the cotton yarn and fabrics in China, MH is the largest supplier of knitted products to Uzbekistan. We invite partners to mutually beneficial cooperation - you can always buy knitted fabrics and finished products in bulk from our company on the most acceptable terms.
  • The main fabrics we sell to Uzbekistan are: Super poly, Net Fabric, Single Jersey, velvet (velour), bird's eye cloth (birdeyes), mesh cloth (mersh fishnet) and so on.

Fabric Wholesale

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