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Webbing & Tape


Product Overview

Equipped with 2000 spindle looms, 100 shuffle or shuffleless looms, 100 computer jacquard looms, as well as full-sets od binding bias and cutting tape equipment, MH ribbon&tape factory is capable of producing elastic tapes, PP tape, satin bias, cutting tape, etc. We have Ribbon&Tape Magazine for customers to choose designs.

Webbing & Tape Factory

Why Choose Us ?

  • Customizable Packing: According to the width and length, you can choose your preferred packing style, we have card , roll, transparent plastic roll, bobbin, shrunk pack, skein, blister card and so on.
  • Customizable Colors & Width: You can decide the width you need, and We have Shade-card with hundreds of colors, also buyer's colors are acceptable.
  • Output & Quality Guarantee: MH factories have a capacity of 40*40'HQ for all kinds of tapes every month, can meet all your needs.
  • CertificatesNINGBO MH TAPE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has pastted the amfori test, and our overall rating is C class.

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