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Interlining for Garments

Interlining is a layer of fabric inserted between the face and the lining of a garment, drapery, or quilt. It is similar to batting, a thick layer of fiber designed to provide insulation, loft, and body to quilts, pillow toppers, and heavy winter jackets. Depending on the application, the materials in this layer can be woven, knitted, or created by fusing fibers together. Silk, wool, and artificial fibers with good insulating qualities are common choices for interlining.

3 Tips of Ironing

    Temperature: 135-145℃

  • Only when reaching 135-145℃, is the best melting point of rubber powder, can completely melt, fabric and lining can be completely bonded together.
  • Temperature mainly depends on the melting point of rubber powder and change, PA in about 135 degrees, PES in about 125 degrees, HDPE (main collar lining) in about 155-165 degrees.
  • Ironing temperature exceeds the melting point of rubber powder, rubber powder viscosity decreased.

    Pressure: 1.5-2.5kg/cm2

  • Under the action of pressure, the glue point of interlining cloth can penetrate into the gap of fabric warp and weft well through pressure, and can stick more firmly.
  • If the pressure is too light, the interlining and fabric will not adhere tightly, and it is easy to bubble or unglue.
  • If the pressure is too heavy, the glue spots will seep into the front fabric and possibly stick to the iron, affecting use.

    Time: 12-16s

  • Adhesive and fabric in pressing, contact cloth time is too short or too fast, it can not be bonded.

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