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PU Leather, PVC Leather and Bonded Leather are all forms of Faux Leather.  These types of faux leather are used to upholster faux leather beds, faux leather headboards and faux leather bedroom furniture.  Faux Leather is basically imitation leather, or fake leather.  It is a man-made product which is produced using a fabric base layer, which is chemically treated, and given the texture and appearance of real leather.  Imitation leather is extremely cheap in comparison to real leather.  We have done vigorous research in to imitation leather. 

PVC Leather

Characteristics: PVC leather is a kind of soft package leather, its feel smooth, soft texture, soft color, can beautify the home, and PVC leather has good sound insulation, moisture-proof, anti-collision, fire-resistant characteristics, suitable for all kinds of interior decoration, loved by the public

Applications: Widely used in making Luggages, and decorating interior walls and furniture

PVC Leather

PU Leather

Characteristics: Better physical properties, resistance to twists and turns, and better Softness. Pu has relatively high air permeability, high peel strength, and high water pressure resistance. It is suitable for waterproof and breathable clothing fabrics, and the price is relatively high.

Applications: It is often used for Clothes and Bags, and can also be used to make Sofas


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