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Fabric Wholesaler

Products Overview

Across Ningbo MH, you’ll discover an abundance of trims and fabric by the yard with unrivaled prices. As a wholesale fabric supplier, we supply both importers and textile factories in various textile fields. No matter the job or project, we’re sure to have the perfect style and amount of upholstery and sewing material you need. 

Product Categories

Method of Weaving Chaaracters
Woven  Stable Structure;Flat Cloth Surface; Solid and Durable; Firm Appearance
Knitted Soft;Good Wrinkle Resistance and Breathability
Non-woven Finishability (washfastness and fast drying);Wrinkle resistance, Breathability and UV resistance;Some don't need ironing and still look good

Fabric Making Process

Process of Fabric Making

Fabric Wholesaler