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Sewing Thread

MH Polyester Sewing Threads

MH Thread Industrial

  • The Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. has been established in 1999, has focused on sewing thread and embroidery thread manufacturing for 20+ years.
  • We offer 100% Polyester Sewing Thread(TFO Quality), GRS Yarns, Soluble Thread, 100% Polyester High Tenacity Thread, 100% Poly-poly Core-Spun Thread, Polyester Texture Yarn (Twisting), etc. 
Own Thread Factory
Own Laboratory and Dye House

Why Choose US ?

  • OWN FACTORY: Now MH has 3 industry zones for thread factories, with 220,000m2 plant area and 1100 workers
  • EFFICIENT PRODUCTIVITY: Equipped with high-standard machines and strict manufacturing management system. 
  • FAST COLOR MATCH: MH has its own laboratory and a dye house which helps us to fill customers orders per sample the advantage of that is that we can quickly match the color of a thread to the sample supplied to us by the client.
  • PERFECT QUALITY INSPECTION: Our test center has a complete set of test equipment, we can test and control quality from raw yarn to finished threads, including evenness, hairiness, strength, color fastness and sewing performance.

MH Polyester Sewing Threads