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Tape Wholesale

MH Ribbon & Tape Factory

MH Ribbon & tape factories have 100 sets of computer jacquard machines, 2,000 sets of ingot looms, 100 sets of different kinds of (non) shuttle machines as well as production line of binding tape and cutting ribbon with 480*40'HQ annual output. The main products are different kinds of cotton lace, fringe tape, cutting ribbon, binding tape, elastic cord/rope, elastic braid, covering rope, curtain tape, woven tape and other kinds of conventional tape and fancy tape.  

Our main catagories are

  • Trimmings
  • Polyester Woven Tape
  • Polyester Satin Ribbon
  • PP Tape
  • Hook & Loop
  • Elastic Tape
  • Grosgrain Tape
  • Metallic Ribbon
  • Pull Ribbon


Tape Factory

Tape Wholesale