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Nylon Zipper Long Chain In Rolls

Nylon Zipper Long Chain In Roll 

Products Overview

  • The teeth of nylon coil zippers are extruded plastic, sewing onto the zipper tape.
  • Coil zipper - also known as nylon coil zipper - is a type of zipper whose teeth/elements are made from coiled monofilament that is traditional nylon.
  • Nylon zippers are highly flexible and are available in a wide range of sizes and colors.
Nylon Zipper Long Chain In Rolls

Basic Classification

  • Followings are the most common types of zipper and are lightweight, heat-resistant, and rustproof.
  • Zipper long chain can be used in anything from hometxtile garments to luggage or sporting goods.
Zipper size Classification
Material Weight Color Packaging Long Chain
#3 Nylon 9g/m ( Remark: 8.5-11g/m ) Customizable 20 Bags/Sack
#5 Nylon 11g/y (  Remark: 11-16g/y  ) Customizable 10 Bags/Sack
#7 Nylon 18g/m( Remark: 11-18g/m ) Customizable 10 Bags/Sack
#10 Nylon 22g/m( Remark: 22-30g/m ) Customizable 10 Bags/Sack

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