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Plastic/Resin Zipper

Plastic Molded Zipper, Heavy-duty Plastic Zipper

Advantages of Resin Zipper

Since the raw materials used in the resin zipper do not contain azo, heavy metals, nickel, carcinogens and allergenic substances, etc., it is more environmentally friendly and can pass tests such as needle detection, which is also harmless to the human body.

Injection zipper is divided into resin zipper and plastic zipper. The teeth are made of polyester plastic rice through dye color matching and discharged through injection molding machine.

Plastic/Resin Zipper

Basic Classification

Material of Teeth POM (Tough, Wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant)
Material of Tape  DTY Polyester Yarn, Cotton Tape
Size 3#, 5#, 8#, 10#, 20#, 30#

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